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  • During your tour, our guides have the ability to present marine wildlife encounters and photo opportunities with whales comfortably in the Monterey Bay.  Here is some information on the whales you will see in the Monterey Bay.

Whales - Monterey Whale Watching Tours | Chris Whale Watching in Monterey

Gray whales begin to migrate very close to the Monterey Bay coast-line near shore and even in the Bay.

Fin whales are the "Super Speed Demons" of the ocean.

Blue whales are spectacular because you get to experience the worlds largest animal that has ever lived on the planet

Sperm whales come to the Monterey Bay to forage in the rich canyon

Beaked whales are the least known and understood whales in the world because encounters with them are so RARE.

Minke whales here off our coast and inside the Monterey Bay are the shy slinky whales that continue to be a mystery to scientists

What makes Humpbacks one of the most exciting whales to watch is their strange body shape